Kevin & the Bikes was formed on a crisp Halloween night in 2014 as a complete joke when a football game the band members attended got rained out. Meeting at a local diner, they came up with the idea of making a Kevin from Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy themed band, and proceeded to go home and record the song titles and lyrics they wrote, completely improvising the music. The group saw a constantly morphing lineup, always consisting of at least Todd Jordan and Jacob Kuchavik. After about five years of somewhat dormant existence and two releases, the group released a four hour long album out of the blue - Dorkcore 101, a record proved to be one of 2019's most strange, eclectic, and mind-boggling albums. However, the timespan of Kevin & the Bikes was soon to end, as the duo thought the inside joke that stemmed the group was not funny anymore, amongst other inner turmoil. The band "broke up", but secretly convened again to record 2020's "Ironic Songs", a record that eschewed the joke once and for all, but still kept the eclecticity that made K&TB so attention-grabbing in the first place.

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